About us

Amazon Appeal expert team is dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and getting them reinstated in the shortest possible time. We utilize the experience of ex-Amazon staff who used to work in the Amazon Seller Performance Team and review Seller appeals, they know how to write your Amazon appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Amazon, in as little as 24 hours, although our average time to get reinstated is 3 days.

Amazonappeal.in will assess your suspension and let you know if we can help, this usually takes one hour to review the information. In most cases we will need to see a copy of the original suspension email, a copy of your appeal (if you have submitted one already) correspondence to and from the Seller Performance Team as well as the feedback, policy warnings, complaints and any other alerts on your metrics. If we can help you we will then ask for a payment before we deliver your Amazon appeal letter and action plan, usually within 24 hours of the initial enquiry.