Avoid the issues of Amazon Seller Account Suspention with the help of experts

Prevent your Amazon Selling Account from being Removed

For all the sellers on Amazon, the suspension is a significant hazard to their reputation and the entire experience can be distressing. If you’ve quite recently got a suspension, take a break and check out the reasons and process of getting your account re-established.

What are the basic issues that new sellers get into during the Amazon seller account verification process?

The most widely recognized reasons for new sellers failed verification procedures are included here:

Format of submitting the supporting documents:

Amazon has quite a specific guideline for how they need the two kinds of reported to be submitted. Sellers, who send in poor scans, or deficient and wrong data, are most of the time rejected consequently.

If the details for billing and residence don’t match

Another regular issue new seller run into is the mismatched data. The residential and billing information of the seller must match.

For instance, suppose a merchant’s ID card has their past location listed, however, their billing information shows their new location. If the information shared is as it is, Amazon will reject their application because of the inconsistency.

Merchants aren’t sending full documents

Most of the time, merchants submit just part of a single page of a billing report or bank statement. Amazon needs to see the whole document including the entire print of the small important part pages.

Amazon is aware that the first few pages of a utility bill or a bank statement are extremely easy to forge. That is the reason they require new ones to send on every page of their documents.

However, Amazon doesn’t make this necessity clear in their rules, which is the reason we’re featuring it here.

Some best procedures for Amazon seller account verification

Utilize the three tips mentioned here for getting the Amazon verification process easily done:

  1. Prepare for the verification beforehand

It can take weeks or even a few months for a merchant to ensure their “account is in order.” This is particularly significant for existing sellers whose occupations would be influenced by an unexpected change in Amazon’s terms of service.

  • Make sure all types of forms and proofs match 

The entirety of the materials you intend to submit should match and prove that you are who you state you are, and that your Amazon business is under your domain.

  • Remember: Sellers are suspended during the verification procedure 

For the individuals who don’t know about this standard rule, Amazon suspends sellers who are regular and active during verification. And keeping in mind that may not appear a lot of issues, most of the time Amazon’s verification procedure can take weeks or even months.

If you have the entirety of your documentation all set, the quicker Amazon will move you through the procedure — and the quicker you can return to selling! But just in case you face any issues, you can get in touch with experts like us.

Why should you choose us?

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