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What’s the difference?

Suspension means you still have a chance to appeal. You’ll need to work a plan of action.
Denied means your appeal was rejected but you still have a chance to submit a revised plan of action
Banned is the worst scenario of the three. Basically, you’re out of there. Your appeal has failed more than once, and Amazon will no longer read your emails.

Amazon Policy Consultants & Seller Appeal Expert

‘We write Best Plan of Action and Appeal to Reinstate Suspended Amazon Seller Account’

We understand how devastating Amazon Seller Account Suspension can be to your business. For many of you, this fantastic marketplace is your only source of income. Fortunately, Amazon gives you a chance to appeal their decision. Whether you not adhere to Section 3 of Amazon’s Business Agreement or you did not follow Amazon Condition Guidelines, or you were accused of selling counterfeit items, or your late shipment rate was too high, you have still got a chance to have your Amazon account reinstated. Well written appeal letters can do magic here.


This is exactly what we do at Amazon Appeal – we write fantastic amazon appeal letters! We know exactly what the Amazon Performance Team is looking for and we genuinely do our best to reflect it in our appeals. We have had many happy customers so far and we believe our reviews reflect that.

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Amazon Appeal letters and action plans are one of the services we offer here:

Amazon Account Reinstatement Services
Inauthentic Product Complaint

With Invoice or without invoices

Section 3 of Amazon’s Business

Any issue Falls under this

Intellectual Property Right Complaint

For Branded and Non-Branded Products

Price Gauging –

Any Product Category

Not Authorised to Sale

Selling Without Pre-Approval

LDR, ODR, PCR and Buyer review manipulation

Any issue Related to performance.

Amazon Seller Account Suspended Common Reasons

Amazon Suspension Seller Account Consultants

There are a lot of Amazon reinstatement service providers, however we can’t be sure which one of them will be helpful. Major issue with these service providers is the big fat lump sum money they charge. No need to break your bank, be rest assured you are at the right place, as we are one of the best economical service providers in the industry.


If your selling privileges have been removed, it is generally because of one of the following reasons:


Poor Seller Performance:
Poor account health, negative customer feedback, and decreasing seller metrics are all red flags to Amazon. When your seller performance drops, Amazon gets worried that you aren’t providing the best possible customer service and will want to conduct a review of your account to see what’s going on.


Amazon Policy Violation:
Amazon has strict seller guidelines to prevent fraud and ultimately keep their customers happy. If you violate their policies or terms of service, expect a suspension.


Restricted Product Listings:
If you’re selling restricted, counterfeit or inauthentic products on Amazon, they’ll find out and suspend your account. Check your performance notifications in Seller Central to get more information about your specific suspension

Amazon suspended account reinstated as quickly as possible, and the following are the advice and recommendations:

1. DO Stay Calm
First and foremost, remain calm.

Assuming you’re an above-board seller and the suspension really is unwarranted, you should remain confident that you can put together a strong appeal — one that will get your account reinstated quickly.

Even if you are at fault, don’t worry. Going into the appeals process with a confident, level head will ensure that you DON’T say anything in the appeal that will anger Amazon further.

2. DON’T Rush to Submit Your First Appeal
You need to be thoughtful about your appeal. Getting an account reinstated is a process that can take days, weeks or even months — and Seller Performance investigators unfortunately only spend a few minutes reviewing each appeal.

You want to take your time preparing a strong case, so when you do submit an appeal, your chances of approval are higher. Not only that, you want to include as much pertinent information as possible, so they don’t come back asking you for further clarification — that will only add time to the process. So take your time before you hit that appeal button.

Pro Tip:
Hiring a professional to file an appeal for you might be the right step for you. Just keep in mind that there are many scammers out there claiming to help reinstate suspended accounts. To avoid those, do your due diligence and choose someone who’s highly recommended by other Amazon sellers.

3. DO Be Professional
When you submit your appeal and Plan of Action (more on that below), be professional. This means taking ownership of the suspension, laying out your solution(s) to the specific reasons laid out in your suspension notice, and reiterating your commitment to customer service as an Amazon seller.

Make sure emotion is NOT involved — i.e., no mention of or commentary about Amazon’s processes or policies. Also, avoid blaming your customers for misunderstanding, etc. Amazon is 100% focused on customer service, so if you demonstrate in any way that you don’t have your customers’ best interests in mind, they won’t be happy.

In our experience, Seller Labs’ Communication Center is the best tool to help you create and automate messages. With a number of messaging templates, pre-created in accordance with Amazon’s messaging guidelines and automated sending schedules, the Seller Labs tools can make improving your customer experience easy.

4. DON’T Open A New Account
Your focus should be on crafting the best appeal possible — not on opening a new account. In fact, opening a new account is not going to fool Amazon. If anything, it’s going to further delay your reinstatement because they WILL figure out what you’re doing.

5. DO Identify Specific Improvements
When you get your suspension notice, read it carefully to see why you were suspended in the first place. From there, you’ll be able to identify where you need to make improvements in your business so you can get reinstated faster — and prevent suspension in the future (more on that below).

6. DON’T Send Multiple Letters After Submitting First Appeal
Don’t be surprised if, after submitting your appeal, you don’t hear from Seller Performance right away. This doesn’t mean they haven’t received it — they are just inundated with appeals on a daily basis and don’t always send confirmation that they got yours. If you haven’t heard from them after a week or two, you could check-in, but anything more than that will just further delay things. Let them review your appeal and get back to you when they’re finished

7. DO Create A Plan of Action
Once you’ve reviewed your suspension notice and identified areas of improvement, you can start to craft your Amazon suspension appeal — or Plan of Action (PoA). PoA’s usually follow the same template.

When crafting your own PoA, make sure it includes these five things:

a.) Intro
A brief introductory paragraph in which you take ownership of your suspension and reiterate your commitment to Amazon’s policies. Bonus points if you also talk about your dedication to customer service.

b.) Suspension Elements & Solutions
Specifically, address everything that led to your suspension — including whatever solutions you’ve put in place (or will put in place) to improve your Amazon business and ensure suspension doesn’t happen again. Include proof of such solutions as well. For example, if you were suspended for stocking out, but you already placed a rush inventory order, attach a receipt of that order.

c.) Facts
Keep it simple and address only the elements of the suspension and why you should be reinstated. DON’T use it as an opportunity to vent about Amazon, Seller Performance, or your customers.

d.) Requested Paperwork
If Amazon asks for something specific as part of your suspension review, give it to them in its true/original form. Sometimes getting your account reinstated is as simple as proving that your manufacturer is legitimate.

e.) Bullets & Brevity
Be thorough but concise, and use bullet points to get your points across. Seller Performance agents review hundreds of appeals every day, so make it easy for them to read and understand yours. It’ll ultimately help you get reinstated more quickly.

A) The issues in my …

B.) What actions I have taken to resolve the issue …

8. DON’T Modify or Fabricate Invoices
If your account was suspended for “inauthentic” inventory (or inventory obtained from unauthorized sources), Amazon may ask for copies of your invoices or other documentation that illustrates your supply chain — even if you drop ship.

Whatever you do, do NOT modify or fabricate any paperwork they request. Seller Performance agents look at thousands of invoices and can easily spot one that is fake or has been manipulated. And when they do, they slap another violation on top of your suspension called “forged and manipulated,” which only prolongs the reinstatement process.

9. DO Make Changes to Prevent Future Suspensions
Part of getting through an account suspension is owning up to the fact that your business needs improvement. After you’ve identified why your Amazon account was suspended, you’ll have a better idea of where those areas of improvement actually are.

Whether or not you agree with your suspension, take steps to fix whatever is needed so that you can continue selling — and growing — on Amazon. Not only will you increase your chances of a swift resolution, but you’ll also safeguard your business from future suspensions (more on preventing Amazon account suspensions below).

10. DON’T Be Rude to Seller Performance or Threaten Amazon with Legal Action
As previously mentioned, you should be professional in your dealings with Amazon and Seller Performance post-suspension. Take your emotions out of it, put your ego aside, and submit a Plan of Action speaking to every specific element of your suspension.

Don’t be rude about it, and here’s a little bit of advice from us: Don’t bring an attorney into the picture. Seller Performance wants to work with YOU, and they want to know that you are committed to improving your account — but if a lawyer gets involved, they likely will not respond at all.

When your Amazon account is in good standing, you’re less likely to get suspended. What’s more, you increase your chances of winning the Buy Box in the future. A win-win for your business and its growth.

So how do you actually get or keep your business performing its best? Here are five ways to prevent an Amazon account suspension (and win the Buy Box in the process):

1. Learn from an existing suspension notice — as well as customer feedback
Take note of any prior suspensions you’ve already had. What caused concern for Amazon? Have you fixed it yet? If not, do so now.

Additionally, pay close attention to the customer feedback you’re getting. Are there common complaints or questions from customers and potential buyers?

Bad reviews can lead to Amazon account suspension

Whether it’s an inaccurate description, question about a specific feature, or something else, take steps to address it. Doing so should improve your customer experience and prevent negative reviews in the future.

If you’re not getting a meaningful amount of feedback, ask for it. Staying on top of what your customers want, think, or need and understanding how you can better serve them will help your business tremendously.

2. Sell the Right Products
A common reason for suspension comes back to what you’re selling. Make sure you’re only listing products and brands that are approved by Amazon. Avoid restricted products and gated categories.

If you’re looking for more product inspiration, check out these top-selling items on Amazon.

3. Optimize listing, inventory & fulfillment management
What your listings say, how much product you have in stock, and when a buyer gets their orders all factor into your overall account health. After all, if a listing has an inaccurate description, a buyer is more likely to make a return or leave a negative review. If you experience an Amazon stockout, you risk losing sales, the Buy Box, and so much more. And if there’s a shipping delay or product damage due to poor packaging, your customer is not going to be happy.

Preventing all of this will strengthen your business against an account suspension. Get started with Amazon Feeds by X-Cart, which helps sellers create listings and better manage inventory and fulfillment.

managing your seller account in amazon prevents suspension
4. Brush up on Amazon’s policies
Even if you’re not new to selling on Amazon, there’s no harm in staying updated with Amazon’s seller policies. They’re known to change randomly and without warning, and the last thing you want is an unexpected suspension for a violation you weren’t aware of.

5. Bolster cash flow
When you have cash flow, you can be more nimble in business. So when things like a suspension happen, you’re better prepared to make necessary business improvements.

For example, if you’re suspended for shipping issues, you can sign up for FBA. If you’re suspended for stocking out, you can place a rush inventory order. If you’re suspended for inauthentic products, you can more quickly invest in a new product line. And so on.

Has your Amazon Seller Account been suspended? We can help you get your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated. You need an Amazon Plan of Action crafted by experts and our Amazon suspension services get you back to selling as quickly as possible.
Our Amazon account reinstatement service team has over seven years handling Amazon seller account suspended appeals, and a 95% success rate reinstating closed accounts. You can rely on us for a custom in-depth appeal, and a quick turnaround at a reasonable price!


In any scenario, Amazon may be suspended seller account, as guidelines of Amazon must mandatory to follow otherwise seller account will be suspended and the seller may bear the great loss, may less or no income, orders will be cancelled or Frozen inventory. As everyday amazon is suspended many sellers accounts from Amazon seller central. But instead of worry about it, just call to our Amazon seller central reinstatement expert who can fix you any problem related to amazon suspension or any other.  

AEONZ is the reliable one who can sort this problem. Amazon gives another chance to improve our mistake. So, we will do all the process of appealing for reactivation of seller’s account until your seller account reinstated and for this procedure, we require seller document. We take guarantee for activation .

Amazon may suspend Seller Account due to some reason. These are written below. 


Amazon Reinstatement Appeals – Indian Marketplace


Standard Appeal Delivery (Only for Amazon India) at Rs.5000

14-30 Business Days 

We begin with an in-depth assessment to determine root cause, and consult with you to ensure we understand all the details on your case. Then we write a custom plan of action based on our findings, and provide it to you to send to Amazon. Once your appeal is sent, we stay by your side until Amazon accepts it or we have exhausted our extensive resources on your behalf.  We guarantee reinstate of your suspended account within 14-30 days or less.


Expedited Special Appeal Delivery (For Amazon India) at Rs.8000

7-10 Days (or less)

Our expedited appeal includes the same in-depth analysis and diligence as our standard appeal, but with an EXPEDITED time frame. We guarantee reinstate of your account in 7-10 days or less. For expedited cases, our team works evenings, weekends, and all major holidays in order to get your account and best sellers back quickly. 

Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement

(US, UK, CANADA, MEXICO, UAE & Other Marketplaces)


Amazon Health Rating (AHR) Policy ComplianceCustomer Service and Shipping Performance

Amazon Health Rating (AHR) Policy ComplianceCustomer Service and Shipping Performance

For these violations, Purchase invoices (Invoices should match the sales volume for last 365 days) are most necessary. If you have the Invoices, then select 199 USD plan. If invoices not available, then select 249 USD Plan.



Sales Velocity & Drop Shipping (Only FBM Deactivated)

For this violation, Purchase invoices (Invoices should match the sales volume for last 365 days), Tracking Details, Delivery Proofs, Bank Account Statement, Business License, Driving License and Passport details are most necessary. If you have these documents, then select 299 USD plan. If any of these documents not available, then select 499 USD Plan.


Section 3 Seller Code of Conduct and Drop Shipping

For this violation, We need

 If you have these documents, then select 499 USD plan. If any of these documents not available, then select 999 USD Plan.

Other Payment Methods: Wise and Payoneer Available (Contact us)

Amazon Suspension Seller Account Consultants

There are a lot of Amazon reinstatement service providers, however we can’t be sure which one of them will be helpful. Major issue with these service providers is the big fat lump sum money they charge. No need to break your bank, be rest assured you are at the right place, as we are one of the best economical service providers in the industry. We write Best Plan of Action and Appeal to Reinstate Suspended Amazon Seller Account. Amazon Suspension What’s the difference?

Rescue Your Account Appeal, Reactivate!


Account Creation Failure

Let our team assist you from getting verified to setting up your account and listing, so you can start selling in no time.

Poor Seller Performance

Get your account reinstated. Our team of experts will help you create an effective appeal with a plan of action ensuring that your rates will stay within acceptable limits.

Violation of Policies

Suspension due to violation of policies is often vague. Our team of experts will identify the main issues and create preventive measures, so you stay compliant.

IP Complaints Resolution

Having an IP infringement complaint filed against you can take away your selling privileges, but our team can get the complaint withdrawn and your account reinstated.

Recovery of Damages

If you’re a victim of false counterfeit complaints, leave it to our team to handle legally so you can recover damages.

Brand Protection

The rise of hijackers and counterfeiters, we’ll make sure your brand is legally protected and your listings are free of unauthorized sellers.


A Single Window Reinstatement Platform in the E-Commerce Industry

We help you gain stability as a Seller


15000+ Clients

our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.we combine our insights and skills work directly with seller Performance.

Customized Packages

Custom packages based on the case of account suspension thoroughly, account status and much more. Packages tailored for your needs.

Assured Result

We reinstated 500+ Suspended Account. Our Suspension appeal Service or Reinstatement Services will ensure that your suspended account will be reinstate early.

Suspension Appeal

Has your account been suspended? Don’t panic! We will help you curate the best plan of action for account reinstatement with 100% money-back guarantee.

Effective Plan of Action

The Appeal Letter that our team prepares is aimed at outlining the root cause of the Account Suspension and will taking the relevant steps for reinstatement.

Suspension Prevention

Why wait until your account is suspended? We will help you deal with all policy issues and warnings that you get so that your account remains active.

Quality Work

Save fixed costs and hassles of managing in-house team for your account reinstatement needs. Pay as you go plans! “YOUR WORK IS OUR PRIORITY”.


We have a team of highly skilled and experienced expertise with years of hands-on experience in delivering better results and also provide relevant prevention tips.

We will provide you effective plan of Action and support but unfortunately as per the nature of business we can’t promise about the final outcome of the Case.

Seller performance team Normally give their response in 1-2 days, But due to large number of Queue they can take 1-2 weeks as well.

If Amazon requested for the More information, then we can review the appeal and Cross check what exactly amazon has demanded to share and we need to share that particular detail.

It’s quite obvious to think about our payment which are stuck due to suspension of account, but you can be assure that the payment will not be stuck there once 90 days are over, Amazon will transfer the amount to your bank account or if you have not got that you can connect us fir further help.

Yes! Definitely if Amazon comes with final decision, then also our team will fight on case with effective POA and it can be reinstated.

Yes, definitely based on the notification and case we will instruct that we have to send the plan of Action to this mail ID.


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